Saturday, April 24, 2010

Training And Empanelment Of Lawyers In India By PTLB

Legal industry in India is in the process of transformation. With globalization legal industry in India is also trying to adapt itself with the contemporary international legal standards. However, there is an urgent need of training of lawyers and fresh law graduates to make them successful legal professionals.

India needs specialised training centre like PTLB to impart contemporary technology related legal training to lawyers and law graduates. After all legal practice in India is no more confined to traditional fields. Newer areas like cyber law, telecommunication laws, etc have also emerged. Most of the lawyers and law graduates are not aware about these laws and their practical applications.

The importance of training of lawyers and law graduates has also assumed importance due to the bar examinations requirement as well. As per this requirement no law graduate would be allowed to practice in India till he/she clears a bar examination.

Similarly, none can discount the importance of continuing legal education in India. Legal education, like any other education, is continuing and lifelong in nature. It has to be updated and upgraded regularly. Presently, India is not following a lifelong learning model for legal education.

Finally, there must also be a platform where qualified and knowledgeable lawyers, law graduates, company secretaries, chartered accountants, consultants, engineers, arbitrators, etc can empanel themselves. This way they may get an exposure to various new legal fields that are presently beyond their contemplation.

The law minister of India is doing good job for introducing legal and judicial reforms in India. The abovementioned suggestions may also be considered by him while formulating various legal reforms in India.